Sustainability Tips

Take the Roosevelt University Green Pledge.

Pick a few actions which best fit your lifestyle. They’re easy–start today!

At School or Work:

  1. I will shut the lights off when I am the last person to leave the office or classroom.
  2. I will close any open windows when I am the last person to leave an office or classroom.
  3. I will turn off the air conditioner in my classroom or office when it is not occupied.
  4. I will shut off all copiers and coffee pots in my office each night.
  5. I will make sure that my computer (monitor and hard drive) is set to go into sleep mode during the business day after 15-20 minutes of inactivity.
  6. I will walk at least two flights up or three flights down instead of using the elevator if I am physically able.
  7. I will actively use the recycling containers.
  8. I will attend at least one free presentation, seminar, event or movie on environmental issues this year.
  9. I will only print when needed and I will print double sided if the option is available to me.
  10. I will recycle and/or refill printer and toner cartridges.

At Home:

  1. I will replace my light bulbs when they expire with Energy Star compact fluorescent ones or Light Emitting Diodes (LED).
  2. I will actively use public transportation, carpool, walk or ride a bike whenever possible.
  3. I will reuse as many items as safely possible and then recycle or donate them at the end of their use.
  4. I will actively seek out products that are recycled or identified as environmentally friendly.
  5. I will always run a full load of laundry and I will use less hot water while washing.
  6. I will shop using reusable bags and buy local and/or organic produce whenever possible.
  7. I will eat lower on the food chain by eating one less meat meal per week.
  8. I will turn off the water while brushing my teeth and I will shorten my shower time.
  9. I will insulate my home and turn my heat down and AC temperature up to save energy.
  10. I will register and vote.

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