The (Reuse Art Competition) Votes Are In!

This Earth Month we were fortunate to have artists from the RU community participate in a Reuse Art Competition.  They shared their creativity with us, and made art projects utilizing only reused items.

Our first place winner is Donnette Noble, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Organizational Leadership Program in the Evelyn T. Stone College of Professional Studies.  Her piece, “Party Time Trash Table” received many votes.  She found the table near the trash with a sign on it: “Free! Do you want to give me a home?”  She painted it and covered the rest with magazine, newspaper, flyer, and mail clippings that she found intriguing and/or amusing.  The table is now in her office.  Donnette received a first place “ribbon” made of, you guessed it – reused materials (pictured below)!

Table 1

“Party Time Trash Table” by Donnette Noble


1st Place Ribbon made of Reused Items

1st Place Ribbon made of Reused Items

Our second place winner, Jill Collins created this piece entitled “Watering Hole.”   She had this to share:


“Watering Hole” by Jill Collins

“Fun Funky Fish fashioned from old plastic laundry detergent bottles, Sunny Sea Turtle shaped from old plastic soda bottle, Enlightened Elephant designed from broken glass found along the beach & broken baubles gathered in the bottom of my junk drawer.  (I) never knew old & broken could be so fun, exciting & beautiful! Together we can help Mama Earth heal by creating reusable artwork & raising awareness of protecting our natural resources.”

Inspired by Ancient African Proverb:African Proverb


Our third place winner, Nicole Giangiulio, created her untitled piece out of mostly reclaimed materials.


Untitled by Nicole Giangiulio


Congratulations to the winners and thank you all of our artists for their participation!


Written by Sarah Tag

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