Planters in Front of RU’S Auditorium Building

Layout of planters

Last week on Friday, August 14, two different species of plants were transplanted into the planters in front of Roosevelt University’s Auditorium Building on Michigan Avenue. The planters were empty just weeks ago, until the City of Chicago planted a tree in each planter. In early Spring the trees were temporarily removed for the NFL draft in which Roosevelt was involved with. Left barren for a while, the planters now have some RU color (green and white) and will continue to fill in.

Heuchera richardsonii, also known as Prairie Alumroot, was planted around the trees. This green, leafy plant is tolerant to dry soil. Additionally, it attracts numerous wildlife including butterflies, and other pollinators and wildlife. On day one of being planted, a butterfly landed on one of the leaves– I was caught off guard, but very excited to see such a memorizing sight!

Artemisia schmidtiana “Nana”, or Silver Mound Artemisia, is planted in the corners of the planters. While taking some time to adjust to the downtown environment, these plants are also doing fairly well and are tolerant of drier soil as too.

We hope for these plants to blossom into full effect in the planters, and help show our school pride!

Butterfly on Heuchera richardsonii

Butterfly on Heuchera richardsonii

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