The Lights Off Event is Coming Soon


Don’t forget that the Earth Hour Lights Off Event is this Saturday, March 28th, from 8:30pm-9:30pm. Take time and turn your lights off for an hour and reflect on how energy and resources have a huge role in everyday life.

For instance, I am tracking my carbon footprint for my SUST 310: Energy and Climate Change class here at RU. I have done this at least twice in my academic career, and each time it amazes me at how dependent I am on energy. Though I try to use natural lighting in my room during the day, I still work on homework late into the night when there is no natural lighting and flipping the switch is the only option to have light. I take the stairs as much as possible, but I live on the 13th floor and so I use the elevator whenever I need to go from my room to the first or second floor. I prefer hot showers to cold ones, and in order for the water to be warm, energy must be used.

I am a SUST student, and while I try to keep sustainable practices at the core of my heart, the truth is that I am also dependent on energy in my everyday life. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but it is definitely essential to note our dependencies and reflect on how we might be able to reduce our energy consumption. Whether it is turning your lights off for an hour, investing in sustainable and renewable energy, taking shorter showers, using natural lighting, using the stairs whenever possible, and more, it still makes a difference and it helps to rewire our brains into thinking instead of just doing.

So take a long shot and turn your lights off for an hour on Saturday, March 28th, from 8:30-9:30pm. Reflect and Think. And be the change you would like to see, for massive change starts on a much smaller level.

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